1. ilsegiselle:

    The sparkling Miss Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993)


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  2. betype:

    Wonderhand font by Martina Flor.

    Wonderhand is a new extensive family of scripts designed in six widths and 3 weights. It also introduces a third design axis, the slant, presenting an upright cut, a 20 degrees cut and a 40 degrees cut for each. Like written by different hands, eat cut has a unique appearance and character.

    Wonderhand contains two sets of alternate characters and automatic features that imitate the natural flow of handwriting. It is loaded with icons and decorative elements that allow multiple possibilities in layout design.

    Download it here: http://myfonts.us/9uvNi8

  3. bluebed:

    Le Dump du Instagramme.

    (Source: bluebed.net)

  4. wetheurban:

    ART: Artist Alasdair Thompson Carves Airy Dresses from Marble

    These lovely pieces of clothing with all their frills, pleats and waves have actually been carved out of hard rock by Scottish sculptor Alasdair Thomson.

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  5. juliastotz:

    I photographed with the LA florist, Yasmine, and blogger, Design Love Fest, last week for a spring inspired florial shoot. You can view the post here!